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We are Boston Personal Injury Lawyers

You or a loved one has been injured and it's not your or his or her fault. You are dealing with medical treatment, pain, inconvenience, and growing financial uncertainty, and are now faced with the prospect of having to negotiate fair compensation with an adjustor from the insurance company or the insurance company's defense attorney. It can be a frustraiting process and, logically, the other side is going to do whatever it can to avoid paying you what you deserve.

We are Turco Legal, a leading Boston personal injury firm, working every day to bring justice to our clients across Massachusetts. Our personal injury clients have been injured due to the negligence of another and our job is to help facilitate a fair financial recovery. We expertly assess your case, considering every detail from how it occured to where you are in your medical treatment and recovery. We then weigh your preferences and our data on prior recoveries and client satisfaction to partner with the personal injury lawyer or law firm with whom we feel you would get the best experience and result. We do the analysis, present you with our recommendations, and coordinate the representation. In short, we make this process easy while providing a great solution.

Why not handle every case ourselves? While many lawyers and firms take this approach, in our opinion, the world of personal injury practice is twoo varied to be experts across the board. Think about it. Personal injury encompasses many different types of cases, including car accident cases, slip and falls, medical malpractice, dog bite cases, Social Security disability claims, private plan disability claims, workplace accidents, industrial accidents, explosion and fire caes. From the injuries sustained to how they occured to the law that applies, these cases can all be very different.

Just as every case has its unique facts, so too does every lawyer have his or her unique strengths and experiences. So rather than tell you that we're the best injury lawyers to handle your case (or every case), we'll instead screen the case, assess its strenths and weaknesses, speak with you about your preferences, and then connect you with the lawyer we feel will give you the best possible result and experience.

What's more, having us identify who we feel will be the best lawyer for you doesn't cost you a penny more than if you found the lawyer on your own. That's because we're paid by a referral fee out of the destination lawyer's attorney fee and that attorney is happy to pay us. We work with dozens and dozens of lawyers, sending them the cases perfectly suited to their skill sets, giving them exactly the types of cases for which they're looking. That's why it's not only common practice by Massachusetts personal injury lawyers, it's welcomed. What's more, because we're paid a referral fee on your case, the better your financial recovery on the case, the better the referral fee to us. So, it only makes sense for us to put you with the best possible personal injury lawyer or firm.

Helping our clients get the best possible recovery is not just a job for us and it's not just about the money. For us, it's about getting you what you deserve. It's about getting you justice and not allowing a well-funded insurance company to pursuade you to settle for something less.

What types of personal injury cases do we handle? We'll speak with you regardless of the type of case, something our competitors can't ordinarily do. The reason is that, unlike most of them, we work in collaboration with experts across the spectrum of personal injury law. By doing so, we've developed a strong understanding of what makes a case and what doesn't. So, we work with clients in nearly any type of injury case, whether resulting from someone's negligence or from a dangerous product. Call us or contact us online today and you learn why our clients have such good things to say about our work.

We have experience.

With hundreds of cases under our belt and thousands completed by the lawyers with whom we collaborate, we know how to take your case from initial consultation to recovery. In fact, our experience includes arguing cases both in and out of the courtroom, so we know what it takes to get a great recovery and we know an experienced and skilled lawyer when we see one. If you want the best recovery, get an experienced legal team that's successfully recovered in cases just like yours. Call us today and we'll match you with just that.

We have the resources.

We partner with over a hundred experienced personal injury lawyers and have a dedicated staff, the right technology, and the financial backing to ensure even the most complex cases make it through trial. When personal injury attorneys in Boston and across Massachusetts are compensated almost identically, why settle for a legal team with less to offer? Call us and we'll match you with an injury firm who has the resources to maximize the financial recovery on you case.

Your case will go to trial if that's the best strategy.

The world of personal injury litigation is smaller than you may think. The defense attorneys know which plaintiff lawyers take cases to trial and they know which lawyers tend to fold for smaller settlements. When you call us, we'll be sure to understand your preferences, but we won't recommend a lawyer or firm who doesn't take cases to trial. Doing that would be a signal to the other side that they could settle the case for less than it's worth and that would be bad case strategy.

Your case is our life.

At our personal injury firm, we find our clients are amazed at our accessibility and how on top of our injury cases we really are. It's more than a marketing gimmick - it is our firm's culture and our founder's personal mission. From your first call through the conclusion of yoru case, we make a personal injury lawyer is available to speak with you about your case in a timely manner. That's right - even when we refer the case to another firm, we're here for you through the end. What if you have difficulty getting the lawyer to return your call? Want more frequent updates? Not sure if the settlement offer is fair and want a second opinion? Call us and we'll make sure your issues are addressed in a timely manner. The lawyers with whom we work are busy and sometimes they legitimately can't get back to all their messages immediately. But, that's no reason for you to be left hanging. So, in addition to your representation by the lawyer handling the case, we're here as an additional advocate to ensure you get all the support needed through the conclusion of the case. With Turco Legal, you're never in the dark.

You pay nothing unless you win.

This is called contingent fee representation and it is how we operate. We realize injuries often result in financial hardship and we are not about to let a well financed insurance company off the hook because you can't afford to pay an attorney. Your case may go to trial and you still won't pay a dime unless you win. All the lawyers and firms with whom we partner will even front your case costs. Better yet, as your personal injury lawyer, when you recover, the attorney compensation is a percentage of your recovery, so our interests are always perfectly aligned to get the best recovery possible.

We are based in Boston, but we will come to you, anywhere in Massachusetts.

We realize you're injured and getting around may be more difficult than it used to be. That's why we don't require you to come into our main Boston office to have your case assessed by an experienced lawyer. When you call, we'll first connect assess your case by phone. You'll get to explain your case and ask any questions you might have. The lawyer will then assess the injury, the accident, your preferences and give you his or her initial thoughts. If you both feel the case is worth pursuing at that point, we'll schedule a time for the attorney to visit you at your home or at another location convenient for you as needed. Rest assured, we're ready to do the heavy lifting from the very beginning. So, what are you waiting for? Call us at (866) 995-6663 to speak with a expert about your case.

Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions

What is personal injury law?

Answer: Personal injury law is a relatively broad area of practice primarily dealing with negligence actions, but sometimes strict liability actions, in which the client or his or her family member has been injured. The greatest volume of cases are car accidents, slip and falls, and animal attacks. However, the larger recovery cases tend to be product liability and medical malpractice cases. Read more.

How do I find the right personal injury lawyer?

Finding the right personal injury lawyer for you requires some diligence on your part. There are thousands of Massachusetts lawyers who take on personal injury cases. In working with clients, colleagues, and adversaries, we recommend you first consider the experience, results, and former client feedback of the attorney. Then meet with the lawyers you consider capable to handle the matter. Discuss the case facts and your expectations and assess with which lawyers you connect best. Your ultimate choice should be a lawyer well able to represent your interests, who you feel will keep you informed, keep things in understandable terms, and will deliver results. Perhaps the greatest benefit to utilizing our firm is that we do a tremendous amount of screening for you, considering the facts of your case and your preferences before connecting you with the lawyer we feel will give you the best result and experience.

How much is my personal injury case worth?

Although it's not the most frequently asked question, it's usually a burning one for the clients asking. That's partly because it's nearly impossible to assess case value at the outset of the matter. To start, understand that your damages will depend largely on the length and extent of treatment, which are generally only beginning at the outset of the case. Next, facts often come to light in the middle of handling a claim that shift the potential recovery significantly. Further, sometimes medical treatment is vastly different from that which was anticipated at the outset of the case. The relevant facts develop throughout the case and, because setting the client's expectations high is a recipe for failure later, lawyers generally avoid the question. The best answer is an explanation of the foregoing while asking clients to focus on medical recovery.

How long will my personal injury case take?

This depends greatly on the time your medical recovery takes. If you are fully recovered next week, then we'll likely request your medical records and send a demand in the next month. If you continue with medical treatment for years, we will need to track the case and delay settlement negotiation until we have a better sense of your ultimate recovery. That said, the average time period for a smaller case would be resolution in 6 months to a year. Cases with more significant injuries, longer recoveries, and/or more complex legal issues will likely take 1-5 years.

Will my case go to trial?

It's unlikely but possible. In every case, we treat it as if it's going to go to trial. That way, we are ready when it's necessary and we're as prepared as possible through the claims process. The possibility of ultimately going to trial is remote but possible.

How much does it cost to hire a personal injury lawyer?

Personal injury lawyers almost always work in a contingency basis. That is, the client does not pay anything out of pocket and, instead, the attorney receives a percentage of the recovery. At our firm, as is customary in our legal community, the attorney receives one-third of the recover pre-litigation and forty percent if it is necessary to file a litigation.

What is my role in resolving a personal injury matter?

Your role is to get better. You're injured and you need to do your best to reach a full medical recovery. That's important to your general satisfaction in life and it's important to your case. Address your medical issues and do as your medical providers direct. Next, you need to do what you can to communicate any medial restrictions to your employer and/or school. Those to whom you owe a physical responsibility must be put on notice as to any new physical limitations or restrictions. Next, hire the right personal injury lawyer and cooperate and communicate with him or her. Accessibility and an open flow of information are necessary to maximize results. Do your part and you'll fair better in the end.

We Handle Negligence and Personal Injury Cases of All Types, including:

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Amusement Park Accidents Laser Hair Removal Injuries Liquor Liability / Dram Shop
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Snow and Ice Injuries Hit and Run Accidents Drunk Driving Accidents

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