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Construction Site Accidents

The possibility for injury on or near a construction site is well known. Between the large, suspended objects hanging in the air, towering scaffolding, moving cranes, electrical wiring, and fast-moving excavators, it is perhaps not surprising that the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics ("BLS") ranked construction as the third most dangerous occupation, behind the mining and transportation industries. In fact, on average, nearly thirteen construction-related deaths occur each day in this country. The rate may seem high, but it actually represents a vast improvement in construction site safety over the past four decades for an industry saturated with injury. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that in 1970, the rate of worker fatalities was thirty-eight deaths per day.

Nevertheless, the danger of injury and wrongful death remains serious and widespread today. Construction site injuries are often severe and life threatening. In 2011, four thousand, six hundred, nine workers lost their lives while on the job, nearly ninety per week. The BLS reports that nearly three out of five construction workers are killed by what it terms "the Fatal Four" leading causes of death for workers on construction sites. The leading cause of injury or death was falls, followed by electrocutions, being struck by an object, and finally being caught in between objects. Additional causes of injury and death were machinery accidents, and workers being hit by mobile equipment vehicles. Once a construction worker is injured, he is not only faced with pain and rehabilitation, but also suffer a loss of income, since most construction workers live on an hourly wage. Moreover, the family must deal with the uncertainty that accompanies the lost opportunity to work and potentially prolonged injury, and hope for compensation.

If you are a construction worker who has been injured on the job, you may have a claim against the general contractor, a subcontractor, architect, supplier, or engineer for the project. You may also have a claim against the manufacturer of defective equipment or other products, or against your employer for insufficient safety guidelines and implementation. A good personal injury lawyer can assess your case and give you feedback. There is also an opportunity to receive workers' compensation wages if you are unable work as a result of injuries that you have sustained while on the job. Family members of a construction worker who was killed while working at a construction site may have a claim against these parties for the wrongful death.

Construction site dangers are not confined to construction workers alone. People who are near construction sites may be at risk as well. Negligently handled suspended objects can fall, causing personal injury or death. Improperly driven construction equipment and vehicles can strike bystanders. Controlled blasts can injure people with flying debris, or cause ear drum damage through noise pollution.

If you are an innocent bystander who was injured as a result of construction activities, a construction accident attorney can assist you in bringing the appropriate claims against the construction company, its contractors, and possibly the city in which you were injured.

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