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Where are Massachusetts' Most Dangerous Intersections for Pedestrians?

Walking across the street can prove to be more dangerous than most people would think. As studies have shown, certain intersections have been proven to be more dangerous than others, for varying reasons. One person may be responsible for the accident, or multiple people might be. The operator of a motor vehicle may be at fault, the pedestrian may be at fault, or the city or town may be at fault for not designing or maintaining the roadway properly. No matter who is at fault, the pedestrian should seek legal help. If it is found that the vehicle operator or the city was a negligent cause which led to the harm, there may be an opportunity to sue.

An injured pedestrian can seek damages for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. In order to seek damages from the vehicle operator or the city, the pedestrian's injury must meet the "tort threshold." In order to meet the "tort threshold," the pedestrian must show that he or she has been permanently disfigured or scarred, has broken bones, sustained damage to his or her vision or hearing, or has injuries exceeding $2,000 in medical expenses and costs. Anything under $2,000 must be collected from your own car insurance company under a personal injury protection claim. The tort threshold only applies in car accident cases and does not prevent you from suing the government or people responsible for designing and maintaining the roadways.

In an effort to reduce the amount of motor vehicle crashes, both bicycle and pedestrian, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (DOT) is in the process of updating the Massachusetts Strategic Highway Safety Plan. In 2012, the DOT put out a report on the most dangerous intersections for pedestrians using statistics from 2002-2010. Below intersections are listed by ranking:

  1. Chelsea, MA - 180 pedestrian crashes (137 injury) Washington Ave. and Park St.
  2. Fall River, MA - 120 pedestrian crashes (83 injury) Plymouth Ave. and Tecumseh St.
  3. Worcester, MA - 97 pedestrian crashes (77 injury) Main St. and Chandler St.
  4. Cambridge, MA - 108 pedestrian crashes (48 injury) Massachusetts Ave. and Pearl St.
  5. Somerville, MA – 52 pedestrian crashes (43 injury) Highland Ave. and Holland St.
  6. Lowell, MA – 55 pedestrian crashes (34 injury) Prescott St. and French St.
  7. Quincy, MA – 51 pedestrian crashes (30 injury) Coddington St. and Hancock St.
  8. Waltham, MA – 44 pedestrian crashes (31 injury) Main St. and Prospect St.
  9. Framingham, MA – 36 pedestrian crashes (32 injury) Waverly St. and Hollis St.
  10. Northampton, MA – 34 pedestrian crashes (30 injury) Main St. and Pleasant St.
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