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Recent Posts in negligence Category

Is Driving an Unregistered Vehicle Negligence?

If you've been involved in a car accident which has resulted in your injury or the injuries of others, and there was a vehicle involved which was unregistered, you are probably wondering the ...
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Is Driving without a License Negligence Per Se?

Is driving without a driver's license a bad idea? Yes, obviously, it's not only a bad idea, it's criminal. If you were pulled over while driving without a license, the officer would likely ...
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Speeding in motor vehicle accidents and severe injuries

How does speeding contribute to motor vehicle accidents and more severe injuries? Speed limits are set in an attempt to limit traffic with the intent to improve traffic safety and reduce the number of ...
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SUV Rollovers fatalities

Improving drivers' safety has been an ongoing concern for car manufacturers, lawmakers, and citizen drivers. Each year, car accidents are the cause of 42,000 fatalities, making them a major cause ...
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School Zone & Bus Accidents

Don't be that guy. The distracted or careless guy that somehow misses the flashing yellow lights indicating he has entered a school zone and has to slow way down. Or worse, the guy who, instead of ...
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Food Allergies Are No Joke . . . But Maybe . . .

If you are a Louis CK fan, you may have already seen his new special "Oh My God", currently on HBO, in which he talks about his "of course. . . but maybe..." concept. Hilarious. Of ...
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Can I Sue the MBTA?

Yes. The MBTA is a corporation established to serve a public purpose and is liable in tort for negligence. As a common carrier, the MBTA has a high duty of care. That means that because the T's ...
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Can I Sue the Post Office?

Perhaps. It really depends on the facts of your case. Here's why. In the United States, like most all countries, we have the doctrine of sovereign immunity. Sovereign immunity protects the federal ...
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Do I have a Massachusetts Slip & Fall Case?

Massachusetts slip & fall law changed dramatically in 2007 and it's evolved further since. Slip and Fall cases are premises liability cases in which the plaintiff was injured by slipping and ...
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What is Negligence?

What is negligence? Although the term is used outside of the practice of law, primarily to create the implication of mistakes of great magnitude, the definition of "negligence" is a legal ...
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