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Have you Been in a Car Accident and Want to Know Your Legal Rights?

Car accidents run the spectrum, from simple fender benders to serious injury to deadly collisions. When the accident has resulted in injury or death, the loss will send the injured and the victim's family into an immediate disadvantage, having to deal with health and financial issues, without loosing sight of legal rights.

For the victim of a car accident in Massachusetts, the Commonwealth's driver insurance laws will be of some help. Essentially, the state requires each driver to maintain insurance to protect the driver, passengers, and victims in the event of a collision. The minimums will provide coverage or partial coverage for medical expenses, called PIP coverage. Further, an additional minimum of $20,000 per individual and $40,000 per collision, is available to remedy the costs of additional medical expenses, lost wages, and to compensate victims for pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment.

Unfortunately, the minimums were not designed to redress every injury. They set a threshold to protect the injured from being in an accident with some one who decided to not purchase insurance. They also cover all costs for most smaller accidents. However, if you have sustained even a moderate injury, it is entirely likely that you will go through the minimum limits. If your damages exceed the limits, you're only choices would be to seek contribution from another person or entity or to bring suit against the individual responsible.

Further, remember that the car insurance companies are in business to make money. They do so, logically, by taking in more revenue through premiums than they pay out in expenses and claims. The business model works best by minimizing claims paid out. When you submit a claim against an insurance company, they are making a business decision, not just a calculation. The claims professional will consider the steps you've taken, the cost associated with the injury, and the alternative to settling the matter with you. Generally, the alternative would be waiting to see if you will file suit and then taking the case to trial. This is why it is so important to ensure you have experienced attorneys representing you through the process.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, call today and speak with a Massachusetts injury attorney. Call 866-995-6663.

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