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Were you Injured due to a Defect on Someone Else's Property and Want to Know if you Have a Case?

Massachusetts law requires that property owners maintain their premises in a reasonably safe manner and to provide warnings to people who are legally on the premises about any dangerous conditions pertaining to the property. Premises liability cases include a variety of cases that stem from the property owner's breach of his duty.

Premises liability cases include a variety of situations. Children or postal workers that are attacked by a dog may have a claim for premises liability. Guests to a private residence or a customer of a store may slip and fall because of a dangerous condition and may have a claim for premises liability. If a repair man falls off a ladder or becomes electrocuted while working, he may also have a claim. Other types of premises liability cases may arise when there is a fire, inadequate security, inadequate lighting, a drowning in a swimming pool, or exposure to dangerous chemicals. Injuries that are sustained in these types of situations may be the fault of the property owner who failed to maintain the property or who failed to warn others of the dangerous condition.

To have a viable premises liability claim, the victim must demonstrate that a dangerous condition was present on the property, the property owner caused this condition to exist or was aware of the problem and failed to fix it, and that the dangerous condition was the cause of the victim's injury.

Oftentimes, the property owner has an insurance policy to protect against claims of premises liability. So, as you might imagine, victims are sometimes contacted by insurance companies to provide recorded statements. It is almost always in the victim's best interest to contact an attorney who is trained and experienced in premises liability cases before making any type of statement to an insurance company or to the defendant. Before taking further action, call Mass Injury Firm at (866) 995-6663 and speak with a Massachusetts premises liability attorney today.

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