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Blog Posts in 2018

Wrongful Death Actions Resulting From Construction Accidents

Imagine this hypothetical scenario: Robert, a father of four and late husband to his wife Elizabeth, lived in Massachusetts. He worked on various construction projects for his employer, a regional ...
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Wrongful Death Actions as a Result of a Car Accident

Motor vehicle accidents are tragic, especially when the result of the accident is that someone or several people die or suffer injuries in connection with the incident. When someone passes away as a ...
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How is Interest Calculated on Personal Injury Judgments?

Litigating a personal injury claim can be a costly, time-consuming process. Factors—such as waiting for treatment of injuries to end before bringing suit or the backlog of civil cases—may ...
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Valuing Damages in a Massachusetts Personal Injury Case

A person who has been injured through the fault of another party is generally entitled to several different types of damages. Those include lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of ...
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What are some examples of a heightened duty of care in Massachusetts?

One of the key elements in a claim for negligence is proving that the defendant owed to the plaintiff a duty of care. In Massachusetts, there is a duty of cared owed to every foreseeable person. A ...
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Accident Aggravating a Preexisting Condition

Suppose a person is injured in a motor vehicle accident. The victim is seriously hurt, and the accident worsens a previous injury that the victim had suffered. May the victim recover for his or her ...
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Suing Multiple Defendants

A florist delivery van driver is texting his boss while driving. He rear-ends a car stopped at a traffic light, injuring the car’s driver and damaging the vehicle. A 17-year-old drives her ...
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I was in an accident with an out-of-state driver. What are my options?

One of the most gut-wrenching and scary experiences one might face is a motor vehicle accident. Complicating matters even more is when the other driver involved is from out of state. Imagine that you ...
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Wrongful Death Actions in Massachusetts

Imagine that employees of a construction company worked with a subcontractor to install various fixtures in a house. The subcontractor installed a stainless steel railing, but failed to do so ...
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Duty to Trespassers in Massachusetts

Many people wonder whether they can be held liable for injuries sustained by trespasser who is injured on their land. Suppose that a group of teenagers decided to skip class on a cold winter day and ...
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